Alexandra house health spa offers many extra treatments

Foot Ritual, 30 minutes, £26

Our feet connect us to the earth and keep us moving, but we often ignore our feet and don't treat them kindly, leading to rough skin, aching and tiredness. This reviving and soothing foot treatment includes exfoliation, foot, ankle and lower leg massage and luxurious foot cream. Your skin will feel wonderfully softened and your feet will feel refreshed and revived. It's a facial for your feet! We'd advise you not to shave or wax your legs on the day of this treatment.

Hand Ritual, 30 minutes, £26

Give your hands some tender loving care with our luxurious hand ritual, designed to moisturise and condition your hands and nails, leaving your hands feeling smoother, softer and relaxed. The Hand Ritual includes exfoliation, a gentle hand massage, luxurious hand cream, nail massage to stimulate nail growth, and nail shaping.  Think of it as a facial for your hands!

Sports and Remedial Massage, 75 minutes, £50

Sports and remedial massage is now available at the spa Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday. This deep tissue massage is ideal at relieving pain from sports and other injuries. The massage improves flexibility and mobility and helps the body's natural healing processes. £50 for a 75-minute massage. New clients also receive a free 15 minute postural assessment to identify tight muscles before the treatment begins. Please note that the 6 for 5 offer does not apply to this treatment.

Clinical Hypnosis, £50 per session; £199 for smoking cessation

If you suffer from phobias or need help with weight management, smoking cessation, skin problems, panic attacks, blushing, unwanted habits, pain control, performance anxiety, or sleeping problems, then Clinical Hypnosis could be just what you need. Make deep and lasting changes to your thoughts, feelings and behaviour and live a happier and healthier life.

Angel card and Tarot card readings, £30 per reading

Adele aims to give you a reading of great value using a range of Tarot packs, Runes, Numerology and Angelic Wisdom to bring insight, in-depth awareness and prediction.

A Tarot card reading is good if you are uncertain what your future holds, or you need help with a difficult decision or you are torn by a dilemma, or you feel blocked or held back, or you have problems in love or family.

Angel card readings are helpful if you need some Angelic energy, positive guidance, Angelic healing for a situation, Angelic insight and wisdom, or some inspiration.

Available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays at the spa.