Spa Treatments at Alexandra House

At ALEXANDRA HOUSE we offer a range of holistic therapies that calm and refresh your mind and body, to help you feel relaxed and balanced physically and emotionally. Holistic therapies can help you to re-focus yourself and help you thrive from within.

Positive energy attracts positive things around you, so let our therapies help you to let go of negative thoughts and emotions and replace them with positivity, peace and serenity and allow your body to enter a state of deep relaxation.

All of our treatments are available as individual treatments, as well as part of our pampering packages. All treatments are suitable for pregnant ladies except for the general body massages.


  • Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial, 30 mins, £35 or 60 mins, £55. Choose from:
  • Soothing facial for dry skin
  • Balancing facial for normal and combination skin
  • Purifying facial for blemished or oily skin

Massage and Body Treatments

  • Back massage, 30 mins, £30
  • Foot ritual, 30 minutes, £30
  • Hand ritual, 30 minutes, £30
  • Holistic face and scalp massage, 30 mins, £35
  • Aromatherapy back massage, 30 mins, £35
  • Hot stone back massage, 30 mins, £35
  • Advanced back massage, 45 mins, £48
  • Luxury nourishing back exfoliation and massage 45 minutes, £45
  • Full body massage, 60 minutes, £52
  • Aromatherapy full body massage, 60 minutes, £55
  • Muscle release deep heat treatment, 60 minutes, £55
  • Hot stone full body massage, 75 minutes, £65
  • Body radiance – full body exfoliation and massage, 55 mins, £55
  • Hydrating detox wrap - full body exfoliation, massage and detox wrap, 55 mins, £55
  • Marine firming treatment – target treatment for legs, bums, tums or arms, 55 mins, £55
  • Marine full body detox – full body exfoliation, massage and detox wrap, 85 mins, £72
  • Heavenly body ritual – conditioning full body exfoliation, mask and massage using hot stones, 85 mins, £72
  • Advanced full body massage, 90 mins, £78
  • Pregnancy full body massage - a nurturing massage after first trimester, 75 mins, £65
  • Pregnancy back massage - soothing back massage after first trimester, 45 mins, £48

Holistic Therapies

  • Indian head massage, 45 minutes, £45
  • Hopi ear candles, 45 minutes, £45
  • Chakra balancing and Reiki therapy, 60 minutes, £48
  • Reflexology, 60 minutes, £48
  • Head to Toe healing - 30-mins reiki plus a choice of 30-min Indian head massage, reflexology or holistic face and scalp massage, £55

6 for 5 on all treatments

The spa offers 6 for 5 on all of the spa's treatments, providing that the 6 treatments are the same and are taken within a 6-month period. You pay for each treatment as you go and then the 6th is free. The treatments must be taken by the same person. The 6 for 5 offer is valid for appointments Tuesday-Friday. You can take the offer over and over again, helping to keep your body (and your mind!) relaxed and stress-free.

Call us on 01484 303786 to book your first treatment now.

Claim back with your Healthcare Plan

You may be able to claim part of your treatment costs back if you are part of  a health plan; check with your health plan provider before your visit and save money on your treatments.