Prevention of Stress and Anxiety

As well as enjoying pampering treatments, spas are a great place to focus on your well-being and to start incorporating relaxation into your life to prevent stress and anxiety. Often we take responsibility for our physical health by eating healthily and doing regular exercise, but we forget about our emotional health and can end up feeling stressed and worn out. Providing your mind with space and relaxation helps you to cope with the pressures of day-to-day life and can help to prevent stress and anxiety and also stress-related illness.

It’s therefore important to take time out from your everyday life to create balance in your life and, in turn, balance in your mind.

Alexandra House also offers natural healing therapies such as reflexology and reiki that care for your emotional and physical wellbeing as well as being a pampering treat. Regular reflexology and reiki can help to prevent stress and anxiety and provide you with a way of avoiding stress-related illness in the future.